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Pain"s devastating attack against the Hidden Leaf, coupled with Jiraiya"s death, guaranteed an epic showdown with na-ru-to – but when did they face off?


The "Pain's Assault" arc is among the most epic & memorable storylines in Naruto Shippuden. Nagato và his Six Paths of Pain turn the Hidden Leaf village into a smoldering crater after taking out several of the village's most powerful Jonin, but his reason for coming lớn the village was nowhere in sight. He and fellow Akatsuki founder Konan came lớn the Hidden Leaf looking for the Nine Tails jinchuriki, but naruto was learning khổng lồ use sage mode at Mount Myoboku. No one in the village was willing to lớn give him up, và though they all fought hard to protect their friend và fellow ninja, not even Naruto's mentor Kakashi Hatake was strong enough lớn survive the battle against Pain.

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Nagato & Naruto not only have a lot in common, but given their different approach khổng lồ achieving peace, there is plenty of enmity between them. An epic showdown between the two was inevitable and, though naruto fought against the Deva Path of Pain, which Nagato controlled, he and Nagato's physical body never actually battled. There's a good reason for that, but first let's unwrap who Nagato was, và how he & Naruto are related by more than the Uzumaki Clan bloodline.

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Born in the Hidden Rain Village before the Second Shinobi World War, Madara Uchiha implanted the Rinnegan in young Nagato without his parents' knowledge. During the war, Nagato watched as Hidden Leaf ninjas infiltrated his family trang chủ to steal food. When the ninjas discovered the family trying to lớn escape, they attacked, killing both of the boy's parents in front of him. This activated the Rinnegan and, in his grief, he killed the ninjas & ran away to lớn become an orphaned beggar. Due to the scarcity of resources because of the war, no one would help him. When he finally collapsed from hunger và exhaustion, Konan and Yahiko found & took him in.

The war orphans shared a dream of growing up to become powerful ninjas who could use their influence lớn stop war once and for all, but first they needed to find a teacher. After glimpsing the three Legendary Sannin of the Hidden Leaf, the trio followed & approached, asking for training. Orochimaru offered lớn kill them và end their suffering, but Jiraiya's own remorse for having participated in the war led him to lớn take the orphans under his wing & teach them khổng lồ survive.

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Jiraiya refused lớn teach them ninjutsu until the kids were attacked by a Hidden Stone Village ninja and Nagato killed him with the Rinnegan. This was the first time Jiraiya saw the Rinnegan, which changed his mind about training them. He trained them for three years, và Nagato took to lớn it easily because of his Rinnegan. Once they were able to defeat their master's shadow clone, he decided they were strong enough to take care of themselves. He left them to lớn their own devices, but not before having one final conversation with Nagato, during which he was inspired to write his first novel, Tales of the Utterly Gutsy Ninja. It featured a brave shinobi named na-ru-to who vowed to end the cycle of hate in the world, inspiring Minato Namikaze, another one of Jiraiya's students, khổng lồ name his son after the character.

The trio formed a group called the Akatsuki, và they made a name for themselves throughout the Village Hidden in the Rain, but village leader Hanzo felt threatened. He launched an attack against them that resulted in Yahiko's death and severe damage to Nagato's legs. It changed the course of the Akatsuki's goal for peace, which would be achieved through pain. Madara Uchiha approach steered the Akatsuki on a wicked course of corruption.

Many have wondered if Nagato and Naruto were related, especially after Pain referred to Naruto as his sibling student. Though similar in appearance, they were not direct siblings. The fact that they studied under the same master & shared Jiraiya's morals & viewpoint made them sibling students. Their interpretation of Jiraiya's shinobi way, however, was very different, as Nagato chose lớn the path of Pain lớn cleanse the world, and Naruto followed the path of peace. They also nói qua the Uzumaki Clan bloodline in common, meaning that in they are related by blood, but distantly.


"Pain's Assault Arc" was covered in Chapters 413-453 in the manga & spanned across Episodes 152-169, as well as 172-175 in the anime. At the time of Pain's arrival, naruto was training with the Sage Toad in Mount Myoboku. By the time he arrived in Episode 162, the village was already destroyed. With his new Sage Mode abilities & two Shadow Clones reserving nature chakra for him in Mount Myoboku, it looked like he was going to give Pain a run for his money. It wasn't long after he returned that he became trapped and helpless at Pain's feet, & when Hinata Hyuga ran in to lớn try & save Naruto, Pain's brutal treatment of her sent naruto over the edge.

For the first time, na-ru-to embraced the rage of the Nine Tailed Fox, and as he rampaged through the desolation battling Pain, he went further than he ever had before. Sprouting an eighth tail, he was on the verge of surrender khổng lồ the Fox when the Fourth Hokage appeared khổng lồ reseal the beast and Naruto's resolve. When it came time for him to lớn return to lớn the battle, he had a whole new trò chơi plan, but first he had to lớn take down the last of Pain's Paths, the Deva. After defeating the Deva, na-ru-to headed straight to where Nagato & Konan were located khổng lồ confront Nagato face lớn face in episode 172.


Pain could easily be considered one of the most powerful Shinobi in Naruto Shippuden. Not only did he rise to lớn defeat his own master, but the skills his Rinnegan lent khổng lồ his power nguồn were remarkable. As a member of the Uzumaki Clan, his chakra reserves were resilient, even exceeding expectations khổng lồ allow him lớn perform multiple chakra-taxing techniques in one day. He was also incredibly skilled in ninjutsu, due to his possession of the Rinnegan, which also granted him access to the Six Paths Technique.

Using the Six Paths Technique allowed him to lớn control the Six Paths of Pain, a group of reanimated corpses (which included Yahiko) who fought physically with Pain's guidance và the use of black receiver rods. Each path had only one ability, and though it was possible for Pain to control all of them together, he had khổng lồ be incredibly close lớn them because it drained his chakra. Though naruto never fought Nagato physically, his encounter with the Deva Path representation in Yahiko's toàn thân was a brutal display of just how powerful Pain truly was. Not only could he attract & repulse matter to & away from himself, he had access khổng lồ the other Rinnegan abilities that allowed him khổng lồ see chakra flow.


Despite how angry và hurt he was by everything Pain did, na-ru-to refused to kill him. He couldn't forgive him, but he knew that khổng lồ carry on Jiraiya's legacy, more violence wasn't the answer. After a long conversation, during which Nagato told his story, na-ru-to gave him the copy of Tales of the Utterly Gutsy Ninja, which Jiraiya dedicated to Nagato. Though Nagato didn't necessarily see the error of his ways, he did come to lớn understand that perhaps Pain was not the path to peace. After entrusting Naruto lớn achieve their sensei's goal, Nagato used the Hamsara of Heavenly Life Technique khổng lồ resurrect all the lives he ended during his assault on the Leaf Village. Already in an incredibly weakened state, it was too much for him khổng lồ endure, & he died with a smile on his face.

Naruto vs Pain fight is one of the most iconic fights, not just in the naruto series but in the whole anime world. This fight gave our main character na-ru-to a lot more room to grow up and work with some serious issues. Và as a na-ru-to fan, you ought khổng lồ watch the fight every once in a while. But wait, when does naruto fight pain?

After returning to the village with backups, na-ru-to starts to fight Pain. Na-ru-to vs Pain fight starts in the 163rd episode và the fight lasts till the 169th episode. The episode naruto starts fighting Pain is called ‘Explode! Sage Mode và the episode in the fight ends is called ‘The Two Students’

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When Does na-ru-to Fight Pain?

Naruto vs Pain Fight


Pain is the Leader of the infamous Akatsuki. The terrorist organization that worked as a hired mercenary and later start lớn hunt down the tailed beasts. Sooner or later, they ought khổng lồ come for Naruto. Even in the naruto 2002 series, we saw Itachi và Kisame trying to lớn capture na-ru-to in order khổng lồ extract the 9 tails.

Jiraiya found out that the leader of Akatsuki was in the Hidden Rain Village. He infiltrated và started gathering intel. However, he encountered the leader Pain & had no choice but to lớn fight alone. Even when he had multiple chances khổng lồ retreat, Jiraiya chose lớn stay and reveal the secret, so that someone from the village can later use that to lớn defeat Pain.

So, it was inevitable that naruto has khổng lồ fight Pain. And for that, Tsunade sent him lớn Mount Myoboku to learn sage mode.

Later when Pain attacked the hidden leaf village naruto came back to the Leaf Village and fought Pain.

When Does na-ru-to Fight Pain?

Naruto trains under Lord Fukasaku in Mount Myoboku. & when the Leader of Akatsuki attacked the Leaf Village, Tsunade ordered the messenger frog to lớn bring back Naruto to lớn the village.

Granny Shima used the summoning Jutsu & summoned Naruto, Fukasaku, & other ninja Toads as backups. Naruto appears in the village right in the middle of the village at the kết thúc of the 162nd episode of naruto Shippuden. The fight begins the very next episode.

Naruto meets Pain for the first time in the 163rd episode. As Pain tries to eliminate the extremely fatigued Tsunade, na-ru-to Jumps in và destroys one of the pain with a single blow.

Then he orders Gamakichu khổng lồ take Lady Tsunade khổng lồ somewhere safe and takes over from there.

Naruto’s fight against Pain starts at the 163rd episode of Shippuden & it continues khổng lồ the 169th episode.

In What Episode Does naruto Beat Pain?

Naruto beats the Tendo Pain in na-ru-to Shippuden’s 168th episode. After he breaks không tính tiền from the Chibaku Tensei and suppresses the 9 Tails Chakra thanks to the 4th Hokage, starts lớn fight Pain again.

With hand-to-hand combat against fatigued Tendo Pain, na-ru-to with his extremely unorthodox tactics wins the fight & reverse-tracked Nagato’s whereabouts.

To know more you can check this video:


Naruto fights Pain in naruto Shippuden episode 163-169. These long fight offers so much lớn the story và the characters, that it is arguably the most influential fight in the na-ru-to series.

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The 7-episode long fight will hook you no doubt about it if you haven’t seen it already. & if you are here lớn know the episode number khổng lồ rewatch, well you are not the only one.