I Miss You aka Missing You 보고싶다 MBC (2012 - 2013) 21 Episodes, Grade: B+ Melodrama / Crime / Mystery / Thriller / Romance
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If you love weepy, twisted melodramas with profoundly wounded characters who are in personal distress nearly 100% of the time, you have now found your new favorite Korean drama of all time! ;)

I Miss You
(aka Missing You) is an often harrowing tale of three people who were horribly scarred in childhood và how they cope with the difficult ramifications upon their lives after almost all the adults in their lives, who were supposed to protect and nurture them lớn become complete, happy human beings, fail them miserably. The first four và a half episodes khuyến mãi with the children"s stories, so you will have plenty of time to bond with them & feel compassion for them. I must also give a disclaimer that I truly believe this show is not for anyone seventeen years old or younger since it depicts the horrible rape of an innocent fifteen year old girl by a crazed drug addict & criminal who has kidnapped her. Since website portals which carry this show have no disclaimers about it, I feel obligated to warn you ahead of time. Many adults in Korea at the time this show originally aired called station MBC in a rage and protested that they were watching this show with their children and were horrified to lớn see these scenes, with no warnings. Therefore this show is not for children, even though the first episodes feature children. I had tried to watch this drama almost two years before I completed it & had lớn stop on episode two because the tale was so dark & depressing. Then I decided khổng lồ finally bite the bullet and finish it because I loved the acting abilities of all the main leads in other shows, và some of the secondary character actors as well.
The Story:
In 1997 a reclusive fifteen year old teenage girl named Lee Soo-yeon (Kim So-hyun from The Suspicious Housekeeper & Goblin and The Moon Embracing the Sun) returns trang chủ from school and timidly enters her small apartment she shares with her mother, Kim Myung-hee (Song Ok-sook from Beethoven Virus) only khổng lồ find the man she is told is her "father" to be drunk and violent. He kicks and beats her until she is unconscious. Her terrified mother Myung-hee watches through the window và then runs to call the police. Soon a policeman arrives and arrests the brute and accuses him of murdering a man, although the brute protests loudly that he had nothing to bởi with that murder. Soon enough Soo-yeon"s "father" is found guilty of murder on the strength of incomplete evidence (that we later learn was incorrect information as well) and he receives the death penalty và is executed promptly. However, that does not over the misery of life for poor Soo-hyun và her mother. The both of them are vilified in their small community & Soo-hyun is ostracized & bullied at school and called a murderer"s daughter. It"s only many years later that Soo-hyun as an adult learns the truth that her father was executed for a murder he didn"t commit (although he was still a low life for abusing his wife và child).

In many emotional, bittersweet scenes that bring the audience sighs of temporary relief, Soo-hyun finally finds one friend, a young man named Han Jung-woo (Yeo Jin-goo from The Moon Embracing the Sun
who was her co-star in that drama, and also more recently from The Crowned ClownHotel Del Luna Korean dramas) who sticks up for her despite all the bullying going on in the school against Soo-hyun. Then the bullies target them both! The only times they are happy are when they are at the playground together or walking in the rain together under a yellow umbrella & chatting away or snacking together on ice cream. Jung-woo even gives her her first tender kiss under a lamp-post at night. Soo-hyun begins writing in a diary about her new best friend Jung-woo, a diary which later falls into the hands of Jung-woo after he has been told that Soo-hyun was murdered và her toàn thân thrown over a bridge into the water to lớn drown. The poignancy of those later scenes, when he reads the diary & understands how excited she was to finally make a friend after a lifetime of sadness và abuse, would make anyone cry.

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Yeo Jin Goo: Playing A Modern Teen Boy, A King, or a Clown, He Always Gives Great Performances

After her brutal husband"s execution, unable khổng lồ even feed herself và her daughter, Soo-hyun"s mother Myung-hee, fed up with their dire living conditions, parks herself và her daughter on the doorstep of the kindly cop who had arrested her late husband, Kim Sung-ho (Jun Kwang-ryul from Remember
), who had offered them refuge if they needed it (mostly because he knows the executed man was not guilty but he kept this knowledge secret to lớn hide his own guilt of not revealing false evidence in the case). He becomes a surrogate father for Soo-hyun & she also begins to lớn make friends with the cop"s young daughter Eun-joo (Yoo Yeon-mi). Eun-joo develops a crush on Jung-woo but backs off on her flirtations when Soo-hyun admits khổng lồ her that she is truly in love with him.
Soo-hyun, "Father" Kim Sung-ho, & Eun-joo are happy together for a short time

For awhile the new family is very happy, but it"s not to lớn last. Jung-woo"s creepy father, Han Tae-joon (veteran actor Han Jin-hee), ostensibly a bank owner but in reality driven by greed lớn the point of criminality, ignores him constantly và puts him under the care of a step-mother in name only, Ah-reum (Do Ji-won), while he và his various henchmen bởi their secret dirty work to increase their power in the community. Han Tae-joon desires lớn obtain a fortune that has gone missing after his own father"s recent death. He is convinced that his aged father had left the fortune to lớn his mistress Kang Hyun-joo (Cha Hwa-yeon from It"s Okay, That"s Love
) và he has her committed to a mental institution in an attempt to force the information out of her about where the money went. The evil Han Tae-joon not only wants the money but he wants his father"s kept woman"s young son, named Kang Hyung-joon (played as a child by Ahn Do-gyu) as well so he can ultimately get rid of him so that he can"t become the heir to the money. Han Tae-joon almost captures young Hyung-joon but the boy is too clever for him và runs away, but not before one of his guard dogs bites him on a lower leg. The scars from the injury will have lifelong consequences for him, for the leg becomes infected & he is never able to lớn walk normally again.
His mother has a trusted nurse friend named Jung Hye-mi (Kim Sun-kyung) who keeps little Hyung-joon in a small apartment in the slum area of the town under lock và key, saying it"s for his own protection. Hye-mi carries around a heavy suitcase loaded with hundreds of thousands of won currency, and the big plan is to get the kid"s mother out of the lunatic asylum và for all three of them to lớn leave the country together. However, before that can happen Han Tae-joon removes Hyun-joo from the institution with the intent khổng lồ kill her unless she finally confesses where she is hiding the money. She shouts that she will follow him from hell if need be, but that he will never get her son or the money. Meanwhile, Soo-hyun, having walked by the apartment many times where little Hyung-joon is kept under lock and key, unable lớn move, becomes concerned for him. Only one abused child can truly understand another abused child. One day as she and Jung-woo walk by the apartment they notice smoke pouring from the room. "Kid, are you okay?" shouts Soo-hyun & Jung-woo takes a rock & hits the lock multiple times until it breaks. They rescue him & bring him khổng lồ a clinic, but the doctor takes one look at Hyung-joon"s infected leg và states he needs to lớn be in the hospital. Before he can be transferred, however, the nurse who has the money sneaks into the clinic & grabs little Hyung-joon and spirits him away. Soon they both hear rumors that Hyung-joon"s mother has died, and Hyung-joon is griefstricken. He has no one else to lớn trust now except for the nurse. Will she over up an honorable person who will take care of him properly and safeguard his life?
Then one night when Soo-hyun và Jung-woo were lớn meet under their favorite lamppost a truck drives up & two men kidnap Jung-woo, throwing him into a van. Soo-hyun witnesses the kidnapping and runs after the vehicle screaming and it ends up stopping - and the two men kidnap her too! They are taken to an abandoned warehouse, tied & bound together, và the kidnappers expect lớn receive a ransom from Jung-woo"s rich father Han Tae-joon. However, his father & his bodyguards go looking for Jung-woo instead. One of the kidnappers is a drug addict and out of his mind; he separates Soo-hyun from Jung-woo by force & at first she rallies và threatens lớn kill him with a wood plank, but he incapacitates her, drags her on the ground a few feet away and rapes her while she screams, while Jung-woo stares in horror at the entire scene. We don"t see the actual rape but it is highly suggested by the round-about images flashed on the screen, by the sounds of violence, và the shock on Jung-woo"s bound face. I suddenly had an unnerving flashback khổng lồ Hitchcock"s 1966 film The Birds
. The cameraman & director for this K-drama used the same film technique as Hitch did khổng lồ show the horror of people being tortured or dying: not showing what is happening khổng lồ the victims, but just focusing for frozen moments on the horror of the main witness in the story. So chilling! It"s almost MORE powerful to insinuate what is happening instead of actually showing it. Young actor Yeo Jin-goo handled this horrible scene with absolute brilliance, he made me cry. This teen actor is going places in the future, let me tell you! Korea has the best child actors in the world!
When it"s all over the kidnappers leave temporarily khổng lồ fight it out between themselves over harming the hostages in this way (even though one is angry about the rape both are complete low lives as far as I am concerned). Jung-woo is completely traumatized & just reacts on gut fear without thinking. He stares into Soo-hyun"s face, which at first looks dead, but then he simply runs out of the warehouse, leaving her all alone. Her lips tremble & she calls his name but he does not return. Then it starts lớn snow. In both their memories they relive the moment when he had said that they will be together on the first snowfall of the season - và now he is nowhere in sight. Soo-hyun manages to escape too & along a deserted road up drives Hye-mi the nurse and little Hyung-joon. The boy convinces the woman to bring her along with them since she had saved his life; thus begins a new life adventure for her where she can completely change her identity. No longer will she have khổng lồ be the lowly & abused Soo-hyun, daughter of a murderer - she can recreate herself as a new person, with a new name. Little Hyung-joon will as well; they kết thúc up in France with the nurse taking care of them on the money left by Jung-woo"s grandfather -- he is renamed Harry Borrison & she is renamed Zoey. When they become adults Harry is played by my favorite Seung Ho Yoo, from Operation Proposal,
và Zoey is played by wonderful Coffee Prince actress Eun-hye Yoon. Han Tae-joon finds his son Jung-woo before the police do & orders him lớn be forcibly taken home, while Jung-woo screams and pleads with his father khổng lồ find his lost love, Soo-hyun. Han Tae-joon has no intention of finding this girl, she has brought nothing but grief lớn his son"s life, & even though he is a total scumbag as a human being he at least has some small sense of responsibility toward his only son. The police find evidence of her clothing, and the fact that she had been raped; this sets off Soo-hyun"s adoptive father the cop khổng lồ swear vengeance - he will find the kidnappers and find Soo-hyun if it"s the last thing he does. Tragically, it ends up BEING the last thing he ever does -- on a oto chase his brakes are damaged & he goes over a cliff & is killed. Now poor Eun-joo is an orphan, so Soo-hyun"s mother adopts her & takes care of her into adulthood. Jung-woo leaves his father"s home in disgust because he realizes his father is untrustworthy và a liar, & he too is taken in by Soo-hyun"s mother. Mom starts to lớn work hard in restaurants khổng lồ feed her new family. Jung-woo remains optimistic that Soo-hyun is still alive, despite being told that she was murdered.
We skip khổng lồ 2012, fifteen years later. Harry và Zoey return to Korea from France, financially successful. He has managed the money left khổng lồ him by his grandfather (the nurse who had raised them dies in a pool by drowning under mysterious circumstances), và Zoey has become a fashion designer. They live together platonically but find it useful to tell people they are engaged, even though it"s not really true. Harry seems to lớn truly love Zoey, & he supports her in her decision not lớn find anyone from her past while in Korea, not even her mother or Jung-woo. Deep down Zoey is still angry at Jung-woo for abandoning her after the rape. She pours her sweetness và affection into Harry instead, who limps from his old leg injury & needs a cane khổng lồ walk. Jung-woo (now played by popular actor Yoochun "Mickey" Park, from Rooftop Prince
) has become a homicide detective, partly because he still wants khổng lồ discover what happened lớn his old love. The criminal who had raped Soo-hyun is due to be released from prison soon, & Jung-woo likes lớn "visit" him from time khổng lồ time just lớn rough him up as a warning lớn him khổng lồ behave, because if he doesn"t he will kill him. Jung-woo is now a bit of a hothead and doesn"t really stop to lớn think that this criminal might take his own vengeance on him first once he"s released from prison.

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Once the "aunt" is drowned in the pool it"s only a matter of time for Jung-woo khổng lồ meet "Harry", since he wants the results on his aunt"s autopsy. Và once Harry & Jung-woo meet it"s shortly khổng lồ be Jung-woo"s destiny to lớn meet "Zoey", who reminds him immediately of Soo-hyun, especially her voice. When people grow older their looks can change but their voice và their mannerisms? Not always. Zoey has a lot of the same mannerisms as Soo-hyun & they make him even more suspicious. Jung-woo makes both Zoey và Harry uneasy the way he keeps staring at Zoey. "Do you like my fiance?" challenges Harry, and Zoey puts her hand on his shoulder. "I only have eyes for you, Harry," she flirtatiously says. Zoey, upset at seeing Jung-woo again after so many years, cuddles up in bed together with Harry for comfort. (Only in a K-drama can they imply a horrible rape of a teenager and then have adult actors fully clothed laying in bed starting at one another with love, but not touching!).
Harry và Zoey remain dependent on each other for q
uite some time due to lớn their rough childhoods - what is the psychological code-word for this? Co-dependency.
Then of all the possible horrible scenarios khổng lồ occur, Harry và Zoey are driving together & who should walk directly into their vehicle"s path? Soo-hyun"s rapist, who had just been released from jail that day! Harry hits him slightly and then gets out of the car to check on his condition. As the two of them chat, Zoey is shaken to recognize who he is: vividly she recalls the memories of the rape she had repressed for so many years. The man looks the same, he has the same mannerism of rubbing his nose with his hand, the same arrogance about his sway. Zoey begins to lớn become hysterical in the car; while Harry is on the phone to lớn get medical assistance for the man, the rapist approaches the oto on the passenger side, raps on the window and peers in. "Are you okay, miss?" but Zoey hides her face & cries & shakes. The released prisoner tells Harry, "she needs help more than I do", & walks away disdainfully. There is no communicating with Zoey for hours, she is non-verbal except for crying & screaming & she immediately rushes to lớn the bathtub lớn clean herself, a very common type of reaction for rape victims. It seems that pretending nothing ever happened is not going khổng lồ work for Zoey anymore, but it"s Harry who tenderly cares for her, và holds her until she finally falls asleep from the trauma.
Later, Jung-woo, trying lớn find any way he can khổng lồ finally confirm that Zoey is Soo-hyun, checks the local security cameras on the street which had documented the oto accident and zooms in on Zoey"s reactions khổng lồ seeing her rapist. Jung-woo is convinced now that it is his lost love from childhood, & he has no plans to ever let her go again. He wants khổng lồ apologize lớn her for leaving the scene of the crime all those years ago due khổng lồ his childlike terror, he wants lớn tell her he"s not the same person he was before, that he is stronger, that he lives with her Mom và adopted sister Eun-joo, that they are all happy & does she want to lớn live with them? His joy at finding her is tempered by the knowledge that she herself has not come lớn terms with her own miserable, horrific past.
Zoey fights being recognized and keeps denying her real identity to Jung-woo ... Until she finally runs into her mother & the two of them have a tearful reunion. "I don"t want to lớn return lớn being Soo-hyun! Soo-hyun was the daughter of a murderer! As Zoey I can be my own new person." Her mother emotionally says that she understands fully, và won"t pressure her into going back khổng lồ a name & identity that only made her unhappy. What will happen if the released rapist starts lớn put two & two together? Will he try and harm her again? Or will somebody get lớn him first? Jung-woo still feels uneasy about her safety & follows her around covertly as much as he can. In turn, Zoey can"t help but remember some of the happier times they had as teens, that it wasn"t all just misery và pain. Jung-woo still goes khổng lồ the playground where they used to lớn meet every day, và as he plays on the equipment, pretending khổng lồ be a kid again, Zoey watches from a distance & starts khổng lồ smile. The ice is slowly beginning khổng lồ break in her heart toward him.
However, when they find time lớn be together, khổng lồ eat together or drive together, Harry becomes more jealous and begins to act in unstable ways, secretly planning his revenge against everyone who has hurt him. He has his own deep mental issues he"s never addressed and privately the one he hates the most is Han Tae-joon, Jung-woo"s father, for ostensibly killing his mother. The more Harry feels the new life he has made for himself slipping away, the more unstable he becomes và he is perfectly capable of becoming violent lớn get what he wants, even against Jung-woo, whom he is blood related to, and Zoey, who has been his whole life for over a decade. It was sad for me khổng lồ see Harry decline và unravel more and more into insanity, since I am so fond of this actor, Seung Ho Yoo. I wanted lớn see his character have some glimmers of hope & peace, but the more the story progressed the more I saw him being turned into a villain, when all along I felt that it was Han Tae-joon, Jung Woo"s father, who was the REAL villain in this story & he never seemed to get his comeuppance. There are many secondary characters whom you will recognize if you are a true blue K-drama fan, và a few side stories in the drama I won"t address, some of them bringing touches of humor here and there to what is essentially a huge cry-fest story, but overall you"re simply going khổng lồ have lớn watch it for yourself lớn determine whether you lượt thích it or not. This was a 21 episode drama that surely could have been cut down khổng lồ 16 episodes & accomplished basically the same things. I stuck with it for the beautiful heartfelt performances of the actors and you probably will too. They are all so hypnotic in their roles; very powerful. I never once felt I was watching Yoochun, Seung Ho Yoo, or Eun Hye-yoon, rather I was watching Jung-woo, Harry, và Soo-hyun / Zoey.
I left the show feeling sad though because of Harry, the one who touched my heart the most. He needed psychiatric help from his traumatic childhood which had harmed him irreparably. The other two lead characters seemed lớn be healing through forgiveness và love, but Harry was left out of that equation even though he had supported và sheltered Zoey & comforted her for fifteen years as she grew up. Seung Ho Yoo did such an awesome job at only eighteen years old when he made this. He"s such a talented actor at such a tender age, it"s beyond amazing, but then again he"s been acting since the year 2000 when he was a little tyke. I just love him. Saranghae, adeul! After this show you"ll REALLY want to lớn watch a thắm thiết comedy!!! Don"t forget the tissues khổng lồ cry into!
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I remember trying to watch this drama back in 2012 when it started airing. Back then, it seemed too depressing for me và I kept it on-hold ever since. Picking up this drama again after such a long time is one of the best decisions I ever made. This drama now goes straight to lớn my favourites danh mục (*the list keeps on getting longer*).I have noticed how this drama is not received well with a lot of people. I can understand why. It"s got to be one of the most depressing dramas ever. "Missing You" falls in more of a makjang-tastic melodrama genre which could have gone wrong. For me, of course, this drama worked very well. I loved the whole plot & enjoyed every character in it. I am usually critical of tragedy being used as a cheap means khổng lồ get the plot moving. Often, including tragedy is seen as convenient for Kdrama writers when they want to lớn create the "shock effect" in the viewer. What sets this drama apart from so many others is how tragedy is used as a base here instead of some random, bang-up scenario. It makes room for rest of the plot lớn build up, leaving scope for a lot of plot development & some amazing character development- which is commendable.The sad parts of the drama are so wonderfully done (especially the childhood parts) that they will remain in my memory for a long time. They are touching & were successful in moving me. Even the sub-plots are very interesting, including the romance.I loved how even though a lot of bad stuff happened khổng lồ its characters, they were able khổng lồ bear with it. That shows us how there"s hope even in the darkest of the times. Okay, I know I am making it sound lượt thích some sadistic, boring drama but it is not. It is both beautiful & poignant in many ways. It had a nice pacing & many interesting sides khổng lồ it.The cast gave stellar performances. I believe this was Yoon Eun Hye and Park Youchun"s best role till date. Although I am not the biggest fan hâm mộ of Youchun"s acting, he impressed me here. His chemistry with Yoon Eun Hye was very good & believable lớn me. Apart from that the child actors were TERRIFIC- especially Kim So Hyun. When she suffered, I got the goosebumps. It was that great! Kudos lớn the director for making it seem so real. The OST of this drama is terrific. I recommend every one to lớn listen lớn it. Overall, this drama is a whole package with a memorable cast, a touching story, lots of tears, lots of love và a solid soundtrack. Though it doesn"t have a very high rewatch value, I won"t mind rewatching my favourite scenes between the main leads. Recommended to fans of melodramas và sad stories with good endings. :)

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