If you need a 64 bit Codec for Power
then here we will show some alternatives that may make possible to add videos into your Power
Point presentations running on a Windows 64 bit machine.

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First, you will need to tải về a codec package for Windows 64 bit. One of the codec packages that we tested with success was those from Shark007.net, you can tải về codecs for 32bits or 64bits.

Download page: http://shark007.net/x64components1.html

Notice that during the installation process, you will be asked to lớn install a bar in your website browser. If you don’t want these bars (actually are not needed if you want just the codect) then you can uncheck the options before installing the software. By installing the free codec for Power
Point you can then insert and play MP4 and other video and multimedia format in your Power
Point slides. For example, we have tested this inserting a cliplet from Microsoft Research project into one of our Power
Point presentations.


How to lớn install codec khổng lồ play MP4 in Power
Point presentations

The codecs above supports MKV playback in x64 truyền thông media Center on all versions of Windows và Power
Point. You can also use these codecs to play your favorite videos in Windows media Center. To thiết đặt FLAC audio playback in Windows media Center you must initially select the x64 WMP as the default player. For Windows 7 media Center users, this can be mix back khổng lồ the 32bit afterwards.

Concerning S/PDIF, digital, optical and HDMI: The administrator và a regular user are different users and each must setup the Audio TAB. At no time should anyone have a need to lớn click the leftside of the Audio TAB manually; it uses system detection.

The không tính tiền stuff from Shark pack does that other packs cannot do:

Full màu sắc thumbnails including FLV’s và 10bit MKV’s (also allows users to lớn select at what point by percentage lớn grab the thumbnail)Enable the Preview Pane for ALL newly enabled filetypes such as MKV & FLV.Explorer properties are displayed for non native filetypes such as MKV and FLVUpdated often – and has update notification builtin
Allow use of the PDVD12 decoders for 32bit Live
TVSupports the use of Xbox360 as Extenders lớn playback MKV files
Allows singleclick cài đặt of Bitstreamed Audio
Support playback of thủ thuật audio files và M4A files containing ALACSupports playlist creation for use in truyền thông media Center
Allow users khổng lồ Enable/Disable codecs installed on their system
Funtionality such as Win7DSFilter
Tweaker builtin.Support Add khổng lồ Windows truyền thông Player List using rightclick on all files such as MKV

More about this codec can be found in the webpage http://shark007.net/x64components1.html – you can also use the codecs if you are looking for a way lớn convert PPT to clip or insert clip in Power
Point. Không lấy phí codec đoạn phim can be installed in Windows 7.

Several Microsoft Power
Point users have reported that it doesn’t let them insert a video clip into their presentation slides. They keep getting the “Power
Point cannot insert a video from the selected file
” error & the đoạn phim won’t be added to their presentation. Here is the full error message that you are likely to get when this error is triggered:Power
Point cannot insert a đoạn clip from the selected file. Verify that the necessary 64-bit codec for this truyền thông format is installed, và then try again.Some users have reported getting the following error message:Power
Point cannot insert a video clip from the selected file. Verify that the path & the tệp tin format are correct và also try installing the latest version of táo bị cắn dở Quick
Time player, & restart Power
Point và then try again.Point-cannot-insert-a-video-from-the-selected-file.png alt="Power
Point cannot insert a video clip from the selected file" width=700 height=400 srcset="https://www.docongtuong.edu.vn/wp-content/uploads/2022/12/Power
Point-cannot-insert-a-video-from-the-selected-file.png 700w, https://www.docongtuong.edu.vn/wp-content/uploads/2022/12/Power
Point-cannot-insert-a-video-from-the-selected-file-500x286.png 500w, https://www.docongtuong.edu.vn/wp-content/uploads/2022/12/Power
Point-cannot-insert-a-video-from-the-selected-file-300x171.png 300w" sizes="(max-width: 700px) 100vw, 700px" ezimgfmt="rs rscb206 src ng ngcb205 srcset">

Why can’t I insert a video into a Power
Point presentation?

You might be unable to insert a video into your Powerpoint presentation due lớn various reasons. One of the primary reasons is an unsupported tệp tin format. If your video clip file format is not supported by Powerpoint, you will experience the above error. Microsoft Powerpoint supports a mix of đoạn phim formats that you can add or play in your presentations. So, do kiểm tra the tệp tin format before you proceed. It is recommended to lớn convert your video to WMV format & then add it to lớn the presentation.Besides that, if the video clip path doesn’t exist or is changed, this error might occur. Another common reason for this error is the fact that the necessary video clip codec is missing on your PC. Other than that, there can be other reasons for this error including truyền thông compatibility issues, outdated or faulty đoạn clip controller drivers, and corruption in the Powerpoint app.Now, in any case, if you keep getting the “Power
Point cannot insert a video from the selected file” error message in Powerpoint, we got you covered. This guide discusses all the potential solutions that you should follow to lớn resolve this error message. So, let us check out!

Point cannot insert a đoạn clip from the selected file

If you are encountering the “Power
Point cannot insert a video clip from the selected file
” error while trying to insert or play a video into your Powerpoint presentation, use the below methods lớn fix it:Check your đoạn phim format.Check the path of the đoạn phim file.Make sure your đoạn clip file is not corrupted.Use the Optimize truyền thông media Compatibility option.Install a K-Lite Codec Pack or some other third-party codec.Enable Windows truyền thông Player Controls in Power
Point.Update đoạn phim controller driver.Convert your clip to WMV format.Repair Microsoft Powerpoint.1> check your đoạn phim format
The first thing you should kiểm tra is the format of the đoạn clip you are trying khổng lồ insert into your Powerpoint presentation. It might be the case that the said video clip file format is not supported which is why you are getting the error at hand. Hence, do kiểm tra the đoạn phim format & make sure it is supported by Powerpoint.Microsoft Power
Point 2013 & newer versions support quite a lot of clip formats to địa chỉ cửa hàng and play in your PPT slides. These include ASF, AVI, MP4, M4V, MOV, MPG/ MPEG, & WMV. But, Power
Point 2010 32-bit version can only play MP4 & MOV video clip formats if Quick
Time Player is installed on your PC. Hence, it is recommended khổng lồ convert them khổng lồ WMV format in case you are using an older version of Microsoft Powerpoint.Once you make sure the đoạn clip file that you are adding khổng lồ your presentation is in a supported format, you can move on to lớn the next solution.Related: Power
Point Cannot Play Media2> check the path of the video file
This error might be caused if the clip file in question is no more available at the specified location. The đoạn phim file path might be wrong or the tệp tin might have moved from the specified path lớn a different folder. Hence, you need lớn make sure that the path of the clip file that you have inserted is correct. Mở cửa File Explorer and kiểm tra if the đoạn phim existed at the given path or not. If not, re-add the video clip from its correct location và then see whether or not the error is fixed.3> Make sure your đoạn phim file is not corrupted
It might also be the case that the đoạn clip file you are trying to insert into Powerpoint is corrupted. Hence, ensure that your đoạn phim is not corrupted or damaged. You can try opening the video in some other đoạn phim player on Windows like Media Player, VLC, etc., & see if it plays correctly or not. If not, your video file must be infected or corrupted.If your đoạn phim file is corrupted, you can repair your clip using different methods. You can use free video repair software like Meteorite, Get My Videos Back, Div
XRepair, etc. Or, you can also use VLC truyền thông media Player lớn repair your corrupted clip file.In case your video file is not corrupted, move on to the next fix lớn resolve the “Power
Point cannot insert a video clip from the selected file” error.See: How to lớn fix the Power
Point can’t save file error?4> Use the Optimize truyền thông Compatibility optionPoint-Optimize-Media-Compatbility.jpg alt width=700 height=456 srcset="https://www.docongtuong.edu.vn/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/Power
Point-Optimize-Media-Compatbility.jpg 700w, https://www.docongtuong.edu.vn/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/Power
Point-Optimize-Media-Compatbility-500x326.jpg 500w, https://www.docongtuong.edu.vn/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/Power
Point-Optimize-Media-Compatbility-300x195.jpg 300w" sizes="(max-width: 700px) 100vw, 700px" ezimgfmt="rs rscb206 src ng ngcb205 srcset">
You can also use the Optimize truyền thông media Compatibility option available in Microsoft Powerpoint. If this error is caused due to compatibility issues with your media file, it will optimize your truyền thông files and fix the error at hand. Here’s how you can do that:Firstly, xuất hiện Microsoft Powerpoint & your presentation.Now, go to lớn the File menu and click on the Info option.Next, you will see an Optimization Compatibility button next khổng lồ the Optimize truyền thông Compatibility option; just tap on it.After that, you can try inserting your videos & Powerpoint will start optimizing the added videos.See if the error has stopped now. If the error still continues, apply the next potential fix.5> Install a K-Lite Codec Pack or some other third-party codec
This error could very well be facilitated due to lớn missing or outdated clip codecs. Hence, you must install the required video clip codec khổng lồ be able to showroom and play videos in your Power
Point presentations. There are various third-party codecs available on the web that you can install. Microsoft tư vấn team recommends you download and install a K-Lite Codec Pack. Here’s how.First, xuất hiện a web browser và go khổng lồ free-codecs.com.Now, move lớn the K-Lite Codec Packs page and tải về the Standard pack.Once the pack is downloaded, double-click on it và start the installation.You can mix up the pack as per your preference or accept its mặc định settings.When the pack is installed, restart your computer and open Powerpoint to kiểm tra if the “Power
Point cannot insert a clip from the selected file” error is fixed or not.If the error is still the same, we have some more working fixes that you can use.Read: The tệp tin is corrupt và cannot be opened in Word, Excel, or Power
Point.6> Enable Windows truyền thông Player Controls in Power
You can also try activating the Windows truyền thông Player controls in Power
Point và then check if the error is fixed or not. Here are the steps to do that:First, xuất hiện Powerpoint & go to file > Option.In the next window, go lớn the Customize Ribbon tab.Now, under the Customize the Ribbon section, tick the Developer checkbox và press the OK button.After that, you will see a Developer tab on the main toolbar in Powerpoint; just click on it.Next, choose the More Controls option and enable Windows media Player Controls.Finally, try loading your đoạn clip file in Powerpoint & see if the error at hand is fixed or not.7> Update đoạn clip controller driver
You might be receiving this error if the clip controller drivers on your computer are outdated or corrupted. Hence, you can try updating your đoạn phim controller driver manually & see if the problem is fixed. Here’s how to vì chưng that:First, xuất hiện Device Manager from the Win+X shortcut menu.Now, scroll down & expand the “Sounds, video and game controllers” category.Next, select your đoạn clip controller and right-click on it.From the appeared context menu, choose the Update driver option.Let Windows update the driver and once done, reboot your PC and check if the error is gone.See: Power
Point can’t mở cửa this type of file.8> Convert your video clip to WMV format
If you are using an older version of Powerpoint, it is recommended to lớn convert your video clip files lớn WMV format & then insert them into your PPTs. There are many không tính phí online đoạn clip converters using which you can convert a đoạn phim to WMV format, like Cloud
Convert, Zamzar, Free
Convert.com, Convertio, & many more. You can even use a không tính tiền desktop application lớn convert videos lượt thích Hand
Brake, Any đoạn phim Converter, etc.9> Repair Microsoft PowerpointSignature button not working in OutlookIn case none of the above solutions worked for you, we recommend you repair your Microsoft Office package. There might be some corruption in Microsoft Powerpoint which is why you keep getting the “Power
Point cannot insert a đoạn phim from the selected file” error. Hence, repair the app & then see if the error is fixed. Microsoft has made it easy to repair corrupted Office apps. You can simply use the Settings app to repair your apps including Office. Here’s how:First, press the Win+I hotkey to xuất hiện the Settings app.Now, go khổng lồ the Apps > Installed apps section.Next, scroll down to the Microsoft Office app and click on the three-dot menu button.After that, from appeared options, select the Modify option.A new window will mở cửa up; choose the Repair option & press the Continue button.Windows will now start repairing your Office apps.Once done, reboot your computer and then xuất hiện Microsoft Powerpoint to kiểm tra if the error is fixed or not.Hope you won’t experience the Power
Point cannot insert a đoạn phim from the selected tệp tin error now.

How vày I insert an mp4 clip into Power

To insert an MP4 or some other clip file in Powerpoint, go to lớn the Insert tab present on the ribbon. Then, click on the Media option & then choose the Video option. After that, click on the Video on My PC option & browse và select the video clip file you want khổng lồ insert. You can also showroom a clip file from an online source.

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Now read: Fix Power
Point found a problem with content.

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Point cannot insert a video from the selected file" data-pin-url=https://www.docongtuong.edu.vn/powerpoint-cannot-insert-a-video-from-the-selected-file-fix data-pin-media=https://www.docongtuong.edu.vn/wp-content/uploads/2022/12/Power
Point-cannot-insert-a-video-from-the-selected-file.png data-pin-description="Power
Point cannot insert a đoạn clip from the selected tệp tin " style=display:none ezimgfmt="rs rscb206 src ng ngcb205">