Michener sends out an address over the Valkyrie network. People across the country listen to it on cell phones & over the radio. TheNathan James starts up the Mississippi khổng lồ spread the cure.

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Valerie hands out cell phones to lớn the crew that have a custom app for them to identify Mc
Dowell. Rachel describes the booster the crew will receive, and how to lớn spread the cure.

Jeter và Cruz discuss ordinance supplies and the preparedness of the ship. Cruz is afraid that Immunes will show up khổng lồ attack at the designated sites.

Michenerteleconferences with Kevin Mc
Dowell. Negotiations don't go very well. Mc
Dowell threatens future actions.

Jeter gets word from his in-laws.

Declan gather's his men's cell phones. They're loading trucks with wheel chairs & surplus navy uniforms.

Tex tells Rachel he's going to lớn leave khổng lồ look for his daughter once they land in Vicksburg.

Valerie tracks Mc
Dowell, & it looks lượt thích he's heading to Europe.

As theNathan James arrives in Vicksburg, they are shocked by the low turnout. Slattery wants lớn send a land crew inland. Tex offers to lớn stay, but Chandler sends him khổng lồ find his daughter.

Dowell và his men discuss the success of theNathan James on the road. Somebody calls for water from the back of the truck; they're transporting sick people.

Jeter tries to lớn reach his in-laws again, & overhears that people avoided Vicksburg because of his warning them off. He gets back on và urges people khổng lồ show up at Memphis.

Tex is stopped on the road by a man with man with a shotgun. Tex's ex & daughter were staying with him, but Kathleen headed towards Memphis for the cure. Tex finds out that Claire died. He passes the cure along to the man.

Michener tells Chandler about the hope that St Louis might have a large population and a working infrastructure. He plans to lớn relocate the capital. Jeter comes clean about scaring people off to Chandler and Michener. Chandler is understanding, but Michener is pissed.

Tex arrives at a gas station, và finds people dead from the disease. The one man still alive tells Tex what the immunes are up to.

Chandler receives the news about Mc
Dowell's plan và they decide to send the helicopter ahead with the limited amount of aerosol cure. Mc
Dowell unloads the sick people with Immunes dressed in navy uniforms.

Tex looks for his daughter in the crowd, borrowing a megaphone, and finds her. The ground team arrives in Memphis, và sees Declan's men. Tex calls in Mc
Dowell's location. Green reports in with information about Immunes in Navy digicamo. After the Immune make an announcement the the Navy is there to infect the people, the ground team strikes. They neutralize Mc
Dowell's men & capture him. Green and Burk keep the now infected civilians in the gates. They manage khổng lồ calm people as the helicopter arrives.

Michenervisits Mc
Dowell và offers him clemency for his cooperation .

The Nathan James prepares to land in St Louis. The beaches are crowded with people. The crew spreads the virus, và Miller gets kissed. Tex introduces Kathleen to lớn Rachel. Alisha shows up with Jeter's in-laws. Michener is officially sworn in.

The crew celebrates at an "innaugural ball." Michener promotes Chandler khổng lồ Chief of Naval Operations. He details the problems facing his administration, & how Chandler can help.

Green tells a story about an old mission, eulogizing Frankie và entertaining the rest of the crew. The crew starts toasting all those that they have lost.

Rachel meets Chandler at his hotel room. She plans to lớn leave in the morning to continue spreading the cure. She was pardoned by Michener. They get a little flirty, và she says goodbye. He tells her lớn find him when she gets back.

The crew (drunkenly) sings a chantyin the lobby, & Green proposes to lớn Foster.

Rachel is walking back lớn her khách sạn room when somebody approaches her in the khách sạn room. It's Mc
Dowell's second in command. He shoots her.

The Last Ship Season 2 Episode 13 Review: A More Perfect Union

The plot of "A More Perfect Union" centered around the actions of a character we haven"t seen in quite a while -- Kevin Mc
Dowell. Remember him? One of the Ramsey"s underlings, & the man who recruited Michener khổng lồ the Immunes, Mc
Dowell shares his late boss" twisted genius for genocide,and for taunting his adversary.

Using the surplus navy uniforms lớn trick people was a stroke of (evil) genius, và capturing the sick & forcing them to infect others is right up there with sending infected blankets on the scale of twisted ways lớn commit mass murder. But it also didn"t seem entirely well considered.

Hear me out. Yes, it would strike a truyền bá blow against Michener & the Nathan James for people khổng lồ think the Navy was spreading the flu. But with the ship less than an hour away, and able khổng lồ send out communications verifying that it wasn"t actually them, & with a viable cure... I mean, the crowd was large, but was the aerosol even necessary?

There were at least six crew members, plus Tex"s daughter, in that crowd, already infected with the contagious cure. Even if they didn"t cảm ứng every person, those they did would be spreading the cure. In fact, wouldn"t some of the crowd already have been inoculated by Tex? When symptoms failed to develop, or reversed, the Nathan James would have been vindicated.

Now we"re all immune, asshole.


I get where the writers were trying to go with that whole thing, but it was so obviously illogical that I found myself scoffing out loud. Suspension of belief is one thing, but if you want me lớn suspend my common sense as well, you have khổng lồ give me a little bit more. I mean, I"m still not sold on the cure only being contagious for a week. 

For a show that spends so much time on expository dialogue (thanks for telling us exactly how under stocked the ship is, Cruz), there are times, lượt thích with the cure, where the audience is not offered a plausible explanation. The communication phầm mềm was another such failure -- I was confused why they needed an phầm mềm to ID Mc
Dowell until Tex was able to hotline the ship, & then it made sense.

Outside of these (admittedly nitpicking) complaints, I enjoyed the finale. Sure a few things were predictable, but they made the story work. Of course Jeter"s bình luận was going lớn be overheard (they mentioned it was an xuất hiện line 2 or three times), and Rachel was always going to be pardoned by Michener.

The three stops allowed for the story to build lớn a satisfying conclusion in St. Louis, with the obligatory montage of the crew. It"s one of the pillars of the show after all. My personal hope for season three is that Miller ends up dating the girl that planted one on him in the park. 

Tex: I guess kissing would work, too. You didn"t mention that.Dr. Rachel Scott: Oh, for sure. Kissing could be a way to lớn go, if you"re up for it and can get written consent.

I really enjoyed that several crew members got some personal resolution. Jeter"s reunion with his in-laws was touching, but Tex stole the show as always. His daughter definitely takes after him, heading khổng lồ Memphis all on her own, and then jumping in to lớn help with the crowd. She"s got some moxie, và I really hope that she"s featured next season.

Side note: would anybody else watch a website series with the teenagers that Ray was leading, Kat, and Bertrise?

It was also nice to see the crew able khổng lồ unwind at the Inaugural Ball. The toasts to all of the shipmates who had fallen was touching. Danny"s proposal was adorably bumbling and Foster"s reaction was priceless. But the best part had khổng lồ be the sea shanty! 

People need to celebrate, even in the worst of times.

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CDR Tom Chandler

There"s a lot khổng lồ look forward to for season three. Michener discussed some of the obvious law & order challenges his administration is going khổng lồ face with Chandler, but there will also be the challenge of how khổng lồ put a government back together. New characters will have to be brought in, because you can"t run a country with just a President and a Chief Naval Officer. 

I have a feeling that Rachel will pull through (perhaps after a short coma) for a few reasons. You can just go killing your female lead who is have flirtations with two of you male leads. Not khổng lồ mention that she"s apparently the only genius scientist who can make the cure. 

I"m really interested in how hand to hand combat, gunfights, and massive explosions are going khổng lồ be integrated into stories about building civilian coalitions, và clearing roads. Frankly, I assume that there will mostly be a focus on those warlords Michener mentioned and on knocking the Immune out of power nguồn in other parts of the world since those stories offer the highest likelihood for C-4 khổng lồ be used. 

President Michener: We have a nation lớn build & a world to lớn repair, & there"s no one I trust more.CDR Tom Chandler: Sounds lượt thích an order.President Michener: It is. Tonight, we rest và enjoy our success. Tomorrow, the fight for America and the rest of the world begins.

Watch The Last Ship online and let us know what you thought of the season two finale in the comments. Can"t wait khổng lồ see you back here in Summer năm nhâm thìn for The Last Ship Season 3!