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Finding the right words can be tricky at times. Even though someone indeed may be in your thoughts and prayers, that phrase tends to lớn be overused, and because of that has lost some of its sincerity. If you sign a group thẻ or phản hồi on social truyền thông media with the same phrase that everyone else uses, your message may be overlooked by the recipient.

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Here are some alternative ways to wish someone good health & happiness. Some can be used on happy occasions, such as someone"s birthday. We will also give you messages of good wishes to lớn use when someone is sick or in mourning. Finally, we will also offer you a friendly way to lớn begin or end a professional email.

Before you write anything, try khổng lồ put yourself in the shoes of the recipient. Knowing what you know about the person, how would he or she react to lớn your words?

How khổng lồ Say "Wishing You Good Health & Happiness" on Someone"s Birthday


The way you wish someone a happy birthday depends upon what type of relationship you have with the person. Some of these examples could be used in a professional or semi-formal setting, while others would be more appropriate wishes for friends or relatives.

You could always make your message pop with a special card, gift card, or by including an image or gif lớn say, “Wishing you good health & happiness.”


1. "Best wishes on your birthday!"

This brief, friendly statement tells the birthday person that you"re thinking of him or her. It"s somewhat formal & makes an excellent alternative to lớn "Happy birthday!"

2. "Happy YOU day!"

Your friend may appreciate receiving a good wish that does not involve a reminder of age. This message makes no mention of the B-word. Instead of thinking about aging, your friend can simply eat cake.

3. "We wish we could be there lớn celebrate with you on your special day! I hope you have a fun-filled, happy day!"

Does distance separate you from your friend? giới thiệu well wishes from afar and tell your friend that you wish that you could be together. You may also direct her to have a piece of cake (or glass of wine) on your behalf.

4. "I hope this is your best year ever! Happy birthday, friend!"

This message would be an appropriate greeting to lớn give lớn someone who has struggled in recent years. Sometimes people feel that either New Year"s Day or their birthdays are their chances lớn start fresh with good choices và positive attitudes.

5. "May all your dreams come true this year! Happy birthday!"

Although this has the feel of a birthday greeting you might receive from a Disney princess, it is still a nice way to send well wishes lớn a friend with a birthday.

How to Say "Wishing You Good Health & Happiness" When Someone"s Sick

Are you looking for appropriate get well wishes for a friend or family member when that person is fighting a severe illness? If you are flippant with your wishes, it shows that you may not be aware of the gravity of the disease. On the other hand, you also want khổng lồ stay positive.

Here are some messages khổng lồ send along with a care package to a person who is sick.

6. "Your strength & attitude inspire me. You"ll beat this!"

It"s hard to lớn know what to say when someone is sick. Salute the person who continues to lớn have a positive attitude in the face of pain và adversity. Staying positive is hard to bởi vì when that person doesn"t feel well.

7. "I hope your recovery is fast! Thinking of you!"

Send a message similar to this to someone who will get better over time. This could be sent to lớn someone who underwent a non-life-threatening surgery.

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8. "Recovery takes time, but you"ll be back khổng lồ your smiling, healthy self before you know it!"

Perhaps your friend or a family member needs encouragement. It"s hard for healthy people khổng lồ be stuck in bed. Remember to try not to lớn compare your friend"s struggles with someone else"s. Everyone"s journey is different, và you may not be aware of health issues that could complicate the recovery process.

9. "I"m sending you a virtual hug & wishes of good health! Stay positive!"

Is it unsafe khổng lồ visit your friend who is sick? Send a virtual hug her way. Remind your friend that positive thinking can help people recover faster.

10. "Better days are coming! Wishing you a speedy recovery & continued happiness!"

Just because someone is sick doesn"t mean unhappiness is out of reach. You may want lớn accompany your well wishes with a small gift for your friend, such as a vase of flowers or a houseplant.

How to Say "Wishing You Good Health & Happiness" to Someone Who Lost a Loved One


We know that you only want the best for your friend, but wishing someone happiness soon after losing a loved one may not be a good idea. Here are some alternative ways khổng lồ offer sympathy khổng lồ someone who lost a family member or close friend. You can also consider sending sympathy flowers if you feel at a loss for words.

Special care should be taken on what khổng lồ say when someone dies unexpectedly.

11. "I hope the many happy memories you had with your loved one softens some of the pain you are feeling."

You can"t wish someone "happy," but you can remind your friends lớn remember the good times. It also isn"t prudent to lớn wish the pain away from someone who is in mourning.

12. "I am so sorry this happened. Praying for peace for you & your entire family."

Instead of wishing good health lớn the survivors, consider sending wishes of peace. Someone who feels peace may still feel sad và mournful, but those are appropriate emotions for the situation. Your friend may grieve the loss for the rest of his life.

13. "I"m here for you, and I am ready lớn listen when you need to talk."

Perhaps your friend has complicated emotions that she wants to lớn share. Allow her to tell you about her anger, sadness, and fear that she may be experiencing after the loss of her loved one.

Sometimes people try khổng lồ remain upbeat and positive during sad situations. Instead, encourage your friend to keep it real.

14. "I don"t know what khổng lồ say."

Sometimes people try lớn come up with the perfect words lớn offer condolences, but you may be at a loss for words. Admit this lớn your friend. It may be a relief hearing it.

15. "The world lost an amazing person too soon! Please know that I am here for you."

If you knew the person who died, giới thiệu your memories. People want lớn know that they aren"t the only ones missing their family members.

How to lớn Say "Wishing You Good Health and Happiness" in a Professional Email

At times, you may find it necessary to wish someone good health & happiness in a professional email. Here are some ways to vị it while still maintaining a professional demeanor.

16. "I hope you và yours are well!"

It"s kind to extend well wishes lớn your business associate"s entire household. If you have shared personal details, you may be specific. For example, consider saying, "I hope your son"s soccer season is going well."

17. "Take care & best wishes!"

This phrase would be the perfect way to kết thúc a professional email. It is friendly và upbeat, but still formal enough lớn send to someone you don"t know well.

18. "I hope your summer is off lớn a great start!"

(Or "week," "school year," or "quarter.") Start your professional thư điện tử with a similar statement, and the recipient will feel that you are friendly & personable.

19. "Stay healthy!"

During the pandemic, many people used this statement lớn begin or over professional emails. While you don"t have to lớn wait for a global illness to request coworkers to lớn stay healthy, it seems very appropriate nowadays.

20. "I hope all is well in Phoenix!"

Show your professional contact that you remember where she lives. Adding these details, especially if they aren"t relevant khổng lồ the nội dung of the email, shows that you care enough to remember where the person resides.

21. "I hope this email finds you safe, well, và happy!"

This covers all your bases. It"s a simple, concise, và positive message.

Word Choice is Crucial

When you communicate with someone in person, many things affect how you are received. Your body toàn thân language, tone of voice, và eye contact change your words" message và tone.

When you email someone (or send them a text, DM, or social truyền thông media message), your word choice is crucial. The words, permanent và shareable as well, unlike a face-to-face conversation you may have.

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Be careful with your words, even if you’re only using them khổng lồ wish someone happiness & health.